Medical Testimonials

Numerous patients of mine have had amazing outcomes after working with Karyn. She has helped a wide variety of patients, from fatigue to GI distress to weight loss and diabetes management (and so much more!) She is a wonderful partner to patients and providers alike. I really appreciate how she looks at each patient individually, using nutrition to help promote healthy lives and mitigate medical ailments.
Michelle Drasin, PA-C

I’ve referred many patients to Karyn over the years. She’s a great resource for people with curiosity about how to use food to optimize performance. Her expertise includes treating those with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes (including reversal of pre-diabetes), fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, food allergies and sensitivities, weight management and disease prevention.
Jude Fox, PA-C

Karyn has been an amazing colleague and resource for myself and my patients. She has a passion for health and nutrition and it shows in the ways she treats, educates, and encourages her patients. She goes above and beyond in so many ways, recommending books and documentaries, helping patient fully engage in their journeys towards better health and nutrition. When I refer my patients to Karyn, I have full confidence that she will meet them where they are and give them the knowledge, resources, and compassion they need to make changes for the better.
Aileen Kucsera, PA-C

Karyn is natural people person with an aptitude for continuous learning – traits well suited to her chosen field of nutrition. During her years with us at One Medical, we received glowing reports about Karyn from patients and enterprise clients alike, and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to make sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes more possible.
Tom X. Lee, MD

I can’t recommend working with Karyn highly enough. She steps beyond the traditional nutritional models to think about clients health from the inside out. Foods are the building blocks for our health and well-being. Karyn assess a client, their goals, and makes practical steps towards achieving better health by establishing and maintaining strong partnering with her clients.
Stephanie Long, MD

Nutrition is an integral part of what influences our health and healing, and Karyn truly understands this. With her boundless enthusiasm and contagious energy, Karyn is able to break down barriers and create a lasting positive change in eating habits. She will not make you count calories and calculate ratios of macronutrients, but guide you into being able to maintain a healthy and nourishing diet that tastes good. Over the past 2.5 years I have seen her change my patients’ lives. They were able to lose weight and improve their health markers without giving up taste and their joy of eating. I highly recommend Karyn if you want an up-to-date and evidence-based, healthy and tasty approach to nutrition!
Kirsten Marcus, MD, PhD

I have known Karyn since I joined One Medical Group in November 2008. One Medical is a primary care group that offers Integrative Medicine modalities. Karyn has seen a number of my patients with a variety of conditions ranging from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, fatigue, IBS and many other conditions. She collaborates closely with the naturopathic doctors, licensed acupuncturists and other integrative medicine providers. Working jointly we’ve had many successful lifestyle medicine interventions and kept our patients close to their optimum health, often without the need to add pharmacological interventions. Karyn helped them not only with the nutrition science knowledge based facts, day to day practical steps but also with coaching them and changing their behaviors on a deeper level. Her passion for the cause left a significant imprint in our patients’ health.
Zeljko Milovanovic, MD, MS

Karyn is a thoughtful practitioner who really listens to her clients and empowers them to make sustainable changes in their lives. Karyn’s recommendations are evidence based and she works to create measurable, achievable goals for her clients.
Kate Murray, FNP

Karyn is an amazing provider, and has helped many of my patients over the years with various issues including weight loss, diabetes /better blood sugar control , IBS, and gas and bloating.
She is a highly skilled communicator, she is passionate about what she does, which along with her intellect and social skills , make her very good at her job as nutrition consultant.
She has been a huge asset to our practice.
Angela Powlen, PA-C

Karyn & I have worked together in the same medical practice for the past 4 years. It has been amazing to watch her interact with patients, as they always leave her office looking happier than they did when they walked in! Her clinical expertise and warm personality combined have a way of making people feel comfortable talking about their challenges and helping them work through them to achieve their health goals. If you want to actually enjoy the process of making sustainable dietary & lifestyle changes – I highly recommend Karyn!
Greg Sauers, PA-C

As a primary care clinician, I often refer many of my patients to Karyn. Whether you are looking to optimize your health and well-being or manage a chronic condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, Karyn is an excellent resource for all things nutrition. She is a great listener, a wealth of knowledge, and works with each individual to help achieve their personal goals. I highly recommend her!
Terese Tatum, NP

Karyn has been a fantastic colleague and a true asset to our practice at One Medical Group and our patients. She has the ability to connect and educate with a wide range of patients with various medical issues. She also shows true empathy and care and can assist patients in reaching their health goals.
Scott Tercero, MHS, PA-C

I have worked with Karyn for 8 years. Her expertise and caring have helped countless patient’s to improve their health and lives. I give her my highest endorsement.
Wayne Wolfe, MD

Client Testimonials

Karyn has been fundamental in helping me change my views on nutrition with compassion and grace. Her “filter” on whole foods has a been great tool when I’ve been looking at recipes or browsing menus at restaurants. Eating has long been an area of my life that I have struggled to navigate and I’m pretty positive that I wouldn’t have been able to make this kind of progress without Karyn. Her advice is a wonderful gift to me and all my coworkers at my office. Be sure to ask her about her recipes they are delicious and simple!
Kate D.

Karyn is the nutritionist who helped me to improve image about nutrition.
My 2 previous nutritionists tried to “fix me” with corporate-made supplements while Karyn was much more thorough in her approach. l appreciate mostly her holistic and precise assessment that gave my issue much more clarity, room for exploration and finding the closest cause of the problem that previous two ‘lazy’ nutritionists (you have fast metabolism, you can’t do much about it) could not address. I truly, highly and deeply recommend Karyn.
Philip G.

Karyn is a nutritionist at The Noe Valley Clinic and Metropolitan Medical Group with all sorts of fancy credentials. In addition to being deeply knowledgeable, she’s extremely friendly and easy to connect with. She’s got all sorts of practical info and tools to get you eating and feeling better. She’s also a fantastic role model and couldn’t be seemingly happier, prettier, slimmer or more fashionable!
Kelly J.

After a visit to my general doctor, it turned out that my triglycerides were sky high, specially for someone my age and body build. My doctor recommend Karyn. I was extremely hesitant to go knowing that high cholesterol can only mean 1 thing, a new diet. When I finally made my way to the clinic, Karyn received me very cheerfully and with an extremely positive attitude. She was very attentive, informative and sensitive to my particular situation. She proceeded to share a ton of recipes with me after letting me know the things I should not consume. As she said, it’s not that you can’t eat burgers or pizza, but it might be better for you if you replace certain foods with these. This positive approach made me change my perspective, diet and lifestyle completely. Not only did I started to eat healthier, I started absolutely loving all the new things I eat. I used to despise oatmeal and now I eat it almost everyday thanks to a few of her recommendations. I recently went back to the clinic to see how my cholesterol was doing, and not only did it DRAMATICALLY drop, now it’s excellent. The biggest surprise is that it only took about 5 months. My cholesterol was so high that a friend of mine back home who is a doctor was considering prescribing medication for it. Karyn taught me that being conscious about what you eat is all you really need. I wish I could give her 10 stars :)
Ruben, R.

Karyn and I connected when I was trying to understand what was happening to my body when i turned 30 (and gained 20 pounds in 2 months!). Karyn has made such a great impact in my life that I feel compelled to tell the world about her. I did the elimination diet, wrote journals, tested many dietary supplements, and simply consulted with her on food/health choices. Her approach to nutrition, daily adapted/healthy routines, and personable services have made me a new person. In addition, the ramifications of her suggestions to my life were also great (four years into this, i crossfit now, and I am on a Paleo life style). If it was not to Karyn to jump start my health kick in such a positive way, I would not be where I am today. She also allowed my husband to participate during our appointments, making it a family journey. I SUPER recommend Karyn, and I wish I had not moved away from California….otherwise I would continue seeing her.
Carmen, S.

I feel so lucky to have met Karyn – she’s articulate, thorough, a good listener, and really responsive.
It’s been a real eye-opener to see how oncologists to RNs to general practitioners all absolutely avoid conversations about nutrition and overall systemic influences. Karyn helped validate my questions and already have given me so much good info.
Mathew, C.

Karyn’s follow-up e-mail may be one of the most helpful set of emails I’ve ever received from a doctor’s office :).
Kerry E.

Working with Karyn wasn’t just a great experience, it was a transforming one; I have significantly changed my eating habits and now feel great.
Joe, S.